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Ultimate Technology

Our speakers represent the apex of audio technology, designed to deliver a truly unparalleled in-car listening experience. The key lies in their state-of-the-art components: lightweight yet exceptionally rigid carbon fiber tuned cones ensure a perfect balance between strength and acoustic resonance. In conjunction with ultra-high flux magnetics, produces a sound quality that's sharp, clear, and breathtakingly real. Add to this, the incorporation of low distortion technology, meticulously designed to minimize audio imperfections and deliver a remarkably crisp output.

Easy and reversable install

Light Harmonic's car audio speakers champion simplicity with a DIY-friendly installation process that can be accomplished in just 30 minutes with no special tools. Even novices can easily integrate our speakers into their vehicle and, if desired, the entire setup can be reversed just as swiftly. It's hassle-free, efficient audio enhancement at its best. We have more than 10,000+ successful installation cases around the world! 

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Mountain Ridge

Best reviewed by Tesla communities

At Light Harmonic, we take pride in the fact that our car audio speakers consistently receive glowing reviews from communities. These aren't merely critiques from industry insiders or audio experts, but genuine responses from users who have experienced a remarkable transformation in their audio journey. Their testimonials praise the outstanding sound quality, seamless installation, and the high quality construction of our speakers. This authentic, user-driven recognition serves as the best endorsement of our commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences for all our customers.

Tesla Model Y - Generation 2

Tesla Model 3 - Generation 2

Tesla Model S Amplifier and Speakers

New updates of products
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