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Tesla Model Y Speakers - Gen 3 - Zenith 8 Speakers System

Tesla Model Y Speakers - Gen 3 - Zenith 8 Speakers System


This Zenith package includes the following:

  • 2 pcs G3 front door speakers/woofers
  • 3 pcs G3 Mid-Range speakers for front dashboard
  • 2 pcs UF tweeters for front door mirrors
  • 1 pc UF tweeter for front dashboard 


Introducing Gen 3 Speakers: A Leap Forward in Soundscaping.


Our latest release transcends the expected, moving beyond mere incremental improvements. We’ve concentrated our efforts on fostering a deeper harmony among the components of our speaker systems. The outcome? A sophisticated fusion of frequency response and efficiency that redefines the benchmark in car audio excellence. Through advanced integration, we’ve addressed and virtually eliminated frequency response dips and other deficiencies. Our front door speakers now offer up to 36% more peak volume with significantly reduced distortion. This evolution doesn’t clamor for recognition—it quietly commands it. Embark on your journeys with sound that’s not just meticulously engineered but also seamlessly woven into every moment.


  • UNBEATABLE QUALITY: Get Unbeatable Bass with airy and crystal clear sound with Our Set Of Speakers specifically designed for Tesla