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Make Your Tesla  Sound Better Starting Today.

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High-End Audio Experience

You drive the world’s best electric car. You should be listening to the world’s best car stereo.

Our goal is to recreate the same authentic, rich sounds that were recorded in the artist’s studio and then replicate them in your car. To achieve this goal, we believe in creating new technologies, like our flagship Da Vinci DAC, that precisely reproduces even the most minute details of timbre that are lost on most audio systems. We use this same technology to bring you the most accurate pitch and intensity, the most powerful bass, and the most immersive listening experience available for all Tesla Models. Not to mention our super high SNR (Signal to Noise ratio) and Tesla’s silent electric motor are a match made in tech heaven


Seriously Deep Bass. Finally.

Using proprietary technology specifically designed for the Tesla motor different models,  You’ll love the detail your new sub brings to a bass guitar and the deep impact you’ll feel when a kick drum hits. Ultra-linear Optimized Magnetics Technology make the bass like the way it SHOULD BE.  

Screenshot 2023-05-23 144942.png

Carbon Fiber Speakers with the most efficient magnetic field design

Our motors use ultra-efficient pure copper coils for super-fast performance.

Our speakers are light weight with the best carbon fiber material. Ludicrous fast. Because we use  99.99% pure copper coils in all of our custom speaker motors. These coils are beautifully married to high-efficiency, lightweight rare earth permanent magnets. When energized, our coils resonate in perfect time to the music, achieving even greater detail than you’ve come to expect from the most expensive car audio systems.


Extend Your Range

In a car that values range as much as it values style, comfort, and performance, the audio system shouldn’t be power hungry. 

We use an all-digital energy-efficient amplification design. It consumes 50% less energy, and wastes 91% less. When you crank it to 11, it delivers more than four times the power to the speakers than Model S’ factory installed amplifier.

Eight Core Digital Amplifier (model S dedicated AMP)

Intuitive Class D amplification with Smart Power Management consumes less energy while providing 400% more power, on-demand. Tesla’s factory-installed power squandering Class A/B amplifier uses four power amp chips. Our efficient Class D power plant has eight and still uses less energy. This innovative design provides a firm bass foundation for its striking and inviting midrange tones. Its crisp, detailed highs provide perfectly balanced punctuation to your music. Your stereo shouldn’t be sucking away battery life when you’re not listening to it. So our amplifier powers up when it’s being used and powers down when it isn’t. And it does it all in a span of only 1/200,000th of a second.

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