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Tesla Model S Speakers - Gen.3 - Premium Four Door Speakers

Tesla Model S Speakers - Gen.3 - Premium Four Door Speakers

PriceFrom $1,199.00
  • Four Model S G3 Ultra HD Door Speakers/Woofers
  • Two Front Speakers:  160mm x 2 in standard configuration. 200mm x 2 in PLAID configuration.
  • Two Rear 160mm/custom 1.2 Ω/250 W Full-range Drivers with bass enhancement.
  • Completely DIY-friendly, no cutting, crimping or wire-running necessary. Easy to Install and Plug and play, No hassles, and no outdoor help required.
  • UMF Driver Magnet Technology The UMF Technology has the ability to effectively reduce the distortion of the magnetic circuitry to its lowest. The Ultra-linear Magnetic Field Technology combines various types of magnets (particularly Neodymium Iron Boron and Ferrite magnets) for its magnetic assembly.
  • New Stronger and Lighter Neodymium Magnet  with 6N Pure Copper Wire from cone to terminal - Almost 1/2 the weight of the Gen 1 speakers -Custom Starry Night Blue Color
  • High-End Audio Experience You drive the world’s best electric car. You should be listening to the world’s best car stereo. Our goal is to recreate the same authentic, rich sounds that were recorded in the artist’s studio and then replicate them in your car.