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The Master's Footsteps

Light Harmonic was founded in Sacramento, California, in 2010, after Larry Ho's audiophile friends first auditioned his new creation and were tremendously impressed. Larry had thrown everything into it, everything he knew, holding nothing in reserve. He had spent all his time and energy on the project, and enlisted engineers in the U.S. and Europe to assist.

In a kind of inventor's intervention, friends of Larry convinced him he should share his new DAC with the world. In their minds, it was too good not to. In short order, he launched Light Harmonic. Its mission: to make the world's best digital audio products, starting with Da Vinci DAC (reviewed here) as its initial offering.

Proudly, if perhaps immodestly, Larry's DAC was named for the great Renaissance artist and innovator who foresaw human flight, helicopters, calculators, parachutes, movable dikes, solar power, double hulled ships, and so much more. And like Da Vinci, Light Harmonic did not rest on a single achievement.

Since 2010, the company has built a manufacturing facility just outside Sacramento, California. We distribute Da Vinci in North America, Europe and Asia. We operate service centers in the USA, and are establishing others in Asia and Europe. New digital products, now in the research and development stage, are scheduled for release in late 2012 and early 2013.

One person's singular quest has turned into one of the most talked about and celebrated start-ups in the high-end audio industry.