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Light Harmonic USB Audio Cable Split 1.6m

Light Harmonic USB Audio Cable Split 1.6m

799,00$ Standardpreis
  • ULTRA FAST CONNECTION – Each Audio cable is built with 10-20Gbps rated bandwidth for ultra fast connection and clarity. Think of being at a concert, but hearing the music before anyone else does. Ultra high performance to ensure you hear the “WOW” factor.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Light Harmonic makes their devices with 99.9997 percent pure copper conductors for ultra high quality speed and connection. No need to worry about loose wires or broken connections. Light Harmonic has you covered with our pure copper conductors.
  • GOLD PLATED – That’s right! This USB Audio cable is gold plated to ensure 10x-40x performance compared to a regular USB 2.0 device. Included is a 30 micro 99.9 percent Gold Plated A Grade Phosphor Bronze USB Connector that performs just as good as it looks.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – We are one of the only manufacturers who stay true to our products and offer a lifetime warranty. If you break it, we'll replace it – guaranteed! Our Warranty lasts for a lifetime and is transferable. No matter how many times its been traded, sold, or given away we still have your back with our warranty. The best part is that there is no sales receipt or proof of purchase needed for us to honor our warranty. Simply send us a message!
  • OUTPERFORM EVERYONE ELSE – Our LightSpeed USB is light, flexible, and outperforms the competition. Built for serious over-achievers that want the fastest and most premium performance you can get, all in one kit. Exceed average and be great with Light Harmonics premium USB cable. In real-world listening rooms, our device is simple to install and outperforms the rest. Simply put, you will hear the difference once you use our device, even if you believe all USB cables are the same.