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Our Digital to  Analog Converter Technolgy and Products

Back in 2011, we introduced the world's first 32 bit / 384 kHz digital to analog converter - Da Vinci DAC. From the inspiration of Leonardo Da Vinci, this ground-breaking DAC embodied superb digital artistry, innovative product architecture, precision engineering, and a passion for perfection. Alone with the patent-pending three digital layers buffering technology and ultra-high precision 24+8 bit R2R ladder core with LSB dithering, Da Vinci DAC brought a revolutionary vision in the endless demanding Hi-end audio industry.


 In 2013, we upped the ante when we released Da Vinci Dual DAC, the world's first dual-engine DAC. One pure R2R ladder engine dedicated to PCM music decoding; One pure delta-sigma engine dedicated to DSD. 


In 2016, we released the next logical step in the evolution of the world's highest-achieving DAC. Da Vinci DAC MKII includes the same dual DAC technology as its predecessor, taking it up a notch. Da Vinci DAC MKII decodes PCM music files with 768 kHz sample rates in true native 32-bit depth. It also decodes all DSD files up to 11.289 MHz (DSD256). 


Ten years from its first released date, we launched the third generation Da Vinci DAC in 2021. Re-innovate almost everything from the inside then out. Six Femto master audio clocks; Four ways dual-mono ultralow phase noise power supply; Dual dedicated and optimized conversion engines for PCM and DSD; One whole new designed chassis in the same spirit of the first generation of Da Vinci DAC; We put these all together in one product - Da Vinci DAC Sire.

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