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"Experience the ultimate sound for Model 3 and Model Y  with our New Generation 2 Speakers"

Light Harmonic as the leading audio company for the electric vehicle, we believe that music should be heard without any distortion or loss of sound. That's why we launched Tesla Speakers Generation 2 (G2) for Model 3 and Y. Our state-of-the-art speakers that are equipped with stronger and lower distortion magnets and flux density flow, peak volume and current enhancement, and perfectly works with OEM amplifier to save more electric energy. These speakers are designed to provide a crystal clear, powerful sound experience unlike any other. We invite you to try out our new speakers and experience the difference that Light Harmonic has to offer.

Mid-range Y_edited.jpg

"Unlock the Inner Power of your Tesla Audio System -
Ultimate Performance from Light Harmonic Tesla G2 Speakers"

See the professional tests results in every frequency bands

[New Generation 2 LH Tesla Speaker Tests Results]

Tested with OEM amplifier, no EQ settings and  within 5'' designated listening area.

LH Generation 2 Subwoofer + LH Door Speaker + LH Generation 2 Mid-range, LH UF Tweeter combo gives you the BEST and MOST flat combined frequency response curve in the current market.   

All Frequency.jpg

With the whole combo of G2 speakers

Ultra-fidelity Tweeters + G2 Door woofers + G2 Mid range speakers + G2 Subwoofers will give you the BEST frequency response and efficiency in the market.

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