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How to Install Light Harmonic Tesla Speakers: Easy, Quick, and Worry-Free!

Welcome to the exciting world of Light Harmonic Tesla Speakers! Our speakers are designed to bring out the very best in your Tesla Model S, 3, X, and Y vehicles, creating a sound experience that matches the ingenuity of your electric car. Even better news is that you can install these speakers yourself, without any need to cut wires or splice anything. Let’s take a closer look at how you can do this:

Step-by-step Guide

Although the process can vary slightly depending on the model of your Tesla, here are the common steps you will generally follow:

  1. Remove the Door or Dash Panel: This typically involves unscrewing any visible screws and then using a special tool (such as a trim removal tool) to pop off the panel. Some panels are held on with clips, while others use a combination of clips and screws. Always be gentle to prevent damaging the panel.

  2. Remove the Existing Speaker: Once the door panel is off, the speaker should be easily accessible. The speaker will likely be held in place by screws and connected to the vehicle by a wire plug. Simply unscrew the speaker and unplug it.

  3. Install the Light Harmonic Speaker: Now, connect your new Light Harmonic speaker to the existing plug (no need to cut or splice any wires). Then, securely mount it in the same location the original speaker was installed using the provided screws. And the plugs/connectors are all DIRECTIONAL so these prevents inverse polarity or anything wrong.

  4. Reattach the Door or Dash Panel: After installing your new speaker, it's time to reattach the door panel. This should be as simple as reversing the process you used to take it off. Make sure all clips or screws are securely fastened.

While these steps are general in nature, we strongly recommend you check our model-specific video guides for the most accurate instructions:

  1. For Tesla Model Y owners: Watch our comprehensive installation guide here.

  2. For Tesla Model 3 owners: Our Model 3 installation video can be found here.

  3. For Tesla Model S owners: Find the guide specially designed for you here.

These videos provide a detailed, step-by-step guide to ensure you have a smooth installation process.

No Wire Cutting, No Splicing!

We've engineered our Light Harmonic Tesla Speakers to integrate seamlessly with your Tesla's existing systems. Our unique plug-and-play approach means there's no need to cut any wires or splice anything. The process is simple, quick, and won’t tamper with the original car wiring. This preserves the integrity of your vehicle's electrical system and makes the installation completely reversible.

Warranty-Safe Installation

One of the most common concerns among vehicle owners when it comes to aftermarket installations is the potential risk to their warranty. The good news is, with Light Harmonic Tesla Speakers, there's no need to worry. Since our installation process doesn't involve any destructive changes to your vehicle's original wiring, it won't void any warranty from Tesla. You can enjoy enhanced audio without compromising your warranty coverage.

Reversible Process

Perhaps you may decide to return to the original factory speakers in the future. We've got you covered. Our installation process is fully reversible, allowing you to restore the factory set status whenever you choose.

Installing your Light Harmonic Tesla Speakers is a simple, efficient process that can be accomplished quickly and without causing any damage to your vehicle or its warranty. We’re excited to share this transformative audio experience with you and can't wait to hear how much you love your newly upgraded audio system. Happy listening!

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