Editorial Praise for the Light Harmonic Da Vinci 384K USB DAC

Gold Show Award, AVShowrooms.com

New York Audio & AV Show, 2012

Best Designed, Da Vinci DAC from Light Harmonic


John Atkinson, Stereophile

New York Audio & AV Show, 2012

"Da Vinci produced a sound that thrilled. A 384k-sampled recording of voice and acoustic guitar by Cookie Marenco sounded palpably real. I am planning on reviewing the Da Vinci in the late fall."


Michael Lavorgna, Audio Stream

New York Audio & AV Show, 2012

"And then one of my favorite moments of the seminar occurred when... Larry Ho of Light Harmonic shared that he prefers vinyl when listening by himself and computer-based playback for parties and such."


"Of course there's that eye-catching chassis made from CNC-milled aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum blocks. Dilithium crystals not included."


Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback Online

New York Audio & AV Show, 2012

"Light Harmonic's room ranked as one of the best of show. Aside from killer looks, their new Da Vinci DAC demonstrated a density of tone and complete harmonics— it's solid-state, but could have fooled me."


Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile

New York Audio & AV Show, 2012

"[T]his is another finisher system. That is, get these bits and you're done."


Robert Archer, CEPro

New York Audio & AV Show, 2012

"With the music industry evolving from a medium of physical discs into a world of digital downloads and cloud computing products like the newly introduced Da Vinci digital-to-analog converter (DAC) take on a greater importance.

"Light Harmonic's latest DAC is engineered to provide audio enthusiasts with a state-of-the-art digital audio solution that incorporates a contemporary industrial design that matches its performance."


Rachel Cericola, Electronic House

New York Audio & AV Show, 2012

"Today's New York Audio and AV Show will have a little gem on display that's worthy of its Waldorf-Astoria surroundings. Light Harmonic is at the event, showing off its Da Vinci 384K USB Digital-to-Analog Converter."


Grant Clauser, Electronic House

New York Audio & AV Show, 2012

"The show was full of high-end DACs, but none like Light Harmonic's Da Vinci DAC. This system had a ton of energy, making the music lively, detailed, and fresh."


Dick Ward , Audio Video Revolution

New York Audio & AV Show, 2012

"[A] huge array of technologies that ensure the best possible sound. take, for example, its power supply with a trio of R-core transformers– one dedicated to digital circuits, one to analog, and one to conversion."


John Atkinson, Stereophile


"At the show, in a system featuring Wilson Sophia 3 speakers driven by Pass Labs amplification, a 2L recording of Ole Bull's violin concerto, sourced from a Mac 2-modded Mac mini running Pure Music and recorded with a 352.8kHz sample rate, according to the DAC's front panel display, offered up some of the sweetest-sounding, natural violin sound and the most solid stereo imaging I have experienced from a classical recording."


Bob, Bay Area Audiophile Society


"Last Saturday, BAAS members were treated to a private sitting with the trend-setting DaVinci DAC.

"Impressive in both design and specs, members noted in particular the impressive soundstage that the unit projected."


Doug Schroeder, Dagogo


"One of the mind-bending experiences of the show was hearing the Da Vinci 384K DAC by Light Harmonic. If I had multiple thousands to fritter away I likely would have left the show with it. I've never heard USB digital done so well and it ranked overall as one of the two or three most organic yet phenomenally rich in detail digital sources at the show.

California Audio Show 2011

"I draw only a mild comparison between the Light Harmonic room and the D'Agostino room as they both used Wilson speakers. The Sophia was used in the Light Harmonic system and the Sasha in the D'Agostino rig. Of the two systems the one piloted by the Da Vinci DAC in the Light Harmonic room was more elegant and coherent, as well as tonally spot on."


Stephen Meijas, Stereophile


"I noted generous scale, midrange detail, full body, and an overall effortlessness to the presentation of this system."


Jason Serinus, Cave

California Audio Show 2011

"First I heard it in 44.1, then in vastly superior 192 master format, and finally as a 352.8 kHz file. The difference in transparency alone was stunning.... I look forward to spending more time with this baby..."


Dave & Carol Clark, Positive Feedback

California Audio Show 2011

"Cutting edge technology from two guys who are thinking way ahead of the curve."


Laurence Borden, Dagogo


"Though I was unable to A/B the Da Vinci with another DAC, its performance with Redbook certainly seemed impressive. However, where it really showed its stuff was with hi-rez recordings, which were extremely impressive."


Ray Seda, Dagogo

California Audio Show 2011

"Speaking of the Light Harmonic Da Vinci DAC, indeed their small room seemed to always be jam packed with eager listeners. When I finally got a listen in the sweet spot I immediately understood what all the fuss was about. This room proved to be one of the best sounding of the show. It featured the Da Vinci DAC, Class A amplification and XP-10 preamplifier by Pass Labs (yes, yet another great sounding room using Pass equipment), and the Wilson Sophia speakers. I have heard the Sophiaâ€â"¢s in several environments and this was the first time that I can honestly say that they really floated my boat."


Scott Wilkinson, Ultimate AV

"With the rise of digital-audio servers, the role of digital-to-analog converters (DACs) is becoming ever more important. Those who want the very best DAC might do well to consider the Da Vinci from Light Harmonic."



"While most regular USB DACs are capped at 192kHz/24- bit, the Da Vinci offers a much higher resolution of 384kHz/ 32-bit to possibly deliver lossless digital audio. Jitter (read: Signal distortion) is also kept as low as possible with a "3X Clock" architecture featuring three rather than just one crystal oscillator--one for USB communication, another to play back 44.1K CD-grade audio and the last covering the 48K playback range. Purists should find the Light Harmonic's DAC's ultra-low noise power supply a welcomed feature as well."


Randy (Audiophile)


"I was able to hear the Light Harmonic Da Vinci at AXPONA— in fact I sat on the floor next to John Atkinson in the listening chair. The sound was indeed truly outstanding; especially on the 384k tracks— to me the timber was spot on. Very impressive."