Six Secrets of Da Vinci - Light Harmonic's Bit-Perfect Pursuit of The Ultimate Digital Music Playback Experience

Light Harmonic's Da Vinci Digital-to-Analog Converter provides the ultimate digital music playback experience. That's been our guiding vision at Light Harmonic, and we think it's been achieved. Our formula for reaching this goal:

Bit-Perfect Audio x Perfect Timing + Cleanest Power
+ Vibration Control = Ultimate Digital Music Playback

In pursuing Bit-Perfect status, Da Vinci preserves the digital data stream in a pure, unaltered form, avoiding the application of all digital signal processing to ensure the best possible audio playback from the user's system. To achieve this, Da Vinci employs the following proprietary technologies:

384K/32Bit Asynchronous USB Input
The world's leading USB interface is capable of accepting genuine 384K/32Bit pulse code modulation (PCM) digital audio without artificial up-sampling. In addition, Da Vinci will soon be able to incorporate the Direct Stream Digital format (both DSD64 and DSD128 varieties) into its amazing USB interface. This will enable listeners to use Da Vinci to play DSD or DSF files that have equal or better sound quality than SACD discs. Many high-definition music websites already provide downloads; for examples, click here.

Automatic LSB Correction
This corrects digital signals in their least significant bits (LSB) to make 100-percent accurate bit-perfect audio, while extending 16-bit signals to 24 bits or more.

In attaining Perfect Timing, Da Vinci applies the following proprietary technologies:

3-L Buffering
Da Vinci employs a three-layer elastic buffer between the music source and digital sample conversion that can completely decouple the speed fluctuation in the source. As a result, it can execute the music sample conversion in the most accurate core clocks.
Patent pending.

3X Clocks
Da Vinci uses three highly precise -166dB phase-error clocks, one dedicated to each family of music sampling frequencies. Thus, there is one clock for 44.1K, 88.2K, 176.4K and 352.8K frequencies; one clock for 48K, 96K, 192K and 384K frequencies; and a third clock for the USB interface.

Light Harmonic believes pristine analog output from an audio player also requires special treatment for the power supply and vibration control.

Power Supply
Da Vinci's power supply is the cleanest possible. It starts with three dedicated R-Core transformers— one for digital circuits, one for analog circuits, and one for conversions. It also features six dedicated power circuits using the best capacitors available, and more than 40 super-shunt voltage regulators for digital interfaces, analog conversion, crystal clocks, (dual mono) analog output, and control circuits.

Specially developed "nano noise" circuits supply power to the digital clocks, and proprietary USB isolation circuits completely cut off any ground links between a music server source and Da Vinci.

Vibration Control
Da Vinci's chassis is constructed from six blocks of aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum shaped by digitally automated CNC milling machines. This provides exceptional vibration control as well as thermal stability, and RFI/EMI shielding. In addition, Da Vinci's 61-pound weight effectively eliminates all possible vibrations from outside sources.